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Photographer Kiyoshi Niiyama's Profile

Born in Ehime Prefecture, Japan in 1911.

Graduated from Tokyo Denki Senmon Gakkō (Tokyo Institute of Electricity).

In 1935, Kiyoshi Niiyama joined Rikagaku Kenkyusho (RIKEN), and in 1936, he started to take photographs using Pearlette with F6.3 lens, and became a member of the Pearlette Dōjinkai (Pearlette Camera Coterie).
His works were accepted for photographic magazines several tens of times. Selected for Dai Nippon Salon, Ashiya Salon, Koku-ten (Kokugakai Exhibition) and the International Photographic Salon.

Received the Grand Prize and the Runner-Up Prize at the Pearlette Dōjinkai (Pearlette Camera Coterie).

Awarded the Bronze Prize twice and accepted several times at the Kenten (annual exhibitions of the Tokyo Photographic Research Society).

Won the Grand Prize at the exhibition hosted by the Tokyo Bijutsu Kyōkai (Tokyo Arts Association).

Received the Grand Prize four times at the All-Kansai Salon.

Received the Grand Prize twice, Runner-Up Prize twice and accepted four times by the Ars Photographic Annual.

Accepted for the Popular Photography (Vol.55 No.3 September 1964) of the U.S.A. Several of his works were accepted at photographic salons in London and Paris.

Accepted four times for the Nika-kai Exhibition (familiarly known as Nika-ten). Organized a solo exhibition on one occasion.
A board member of the All-Japan Association of Photographic Societies, and also a member of the Screening Committee at the Tokyo Photographic Research Society, he played an active role in providing advice and guidance to amateur photographers nationwide.

In 1958, he joined Asahi Optical Co., Ltd., where he assumed the post of Director of the Tokyo Service Center.


On May 13th, 1969, Kiyoshi Niiyama died a sudden death, falling victim to the knife of a mentally disturbed person.

The last picture of Kiyoshi Niiyama taken in Taiwan in May 1969. Photographed by Mr. I Shen Bo.

List of Kiyoshi Niiyama's Photographic Exhibitions


1964 "Henbō" ("Transfiguration") at the Gekko Gallery


1969 Posthumous Exhibition "Bokuseki no Uta" ("Poems of Trees and Stones") at the Pentax Gallery


May 2004 "Henbō" ("Transfiguration") at Gallery Cosmos


May 2005 "Kawasaki Umetatechi" ("Reclaimed Land of Kawasaki") at Gallery Cosmos


May 2006 "Taiwan Yaryū" ("Yaryu, Taiwan") at Gallery Cosmos


September 2006 "Henbō" ("Transfiguration") at the Monochrom Gallery, Berlin


March 2007 "Natsukashi no Start Camera Ten" ("Exhibition of Nostalgic START Cameras") at Gallery Cosmos


May 2007 "Pearlette Jidai" ("The Pearlette Age") at Gallery Cosmos


January 2008 "Niiyama Kiyoshi no Sekai" ("Kiyoshi Niiyama's World of Photography") at the Printer's Exhibition held in the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse


January 2008 "Otto Steinert & Kiyoshi Niiyama" at the Kicken Gallery, Berlin


May 2008 "Pearlette Jidai Ⅱ" ("The Pearlette Age Ⅱ") at Gallery Cosmos


March 2009 "Pearlette Jidai"("The Pearlette Age ")Yokohama Eexhibition at the Gallery of YOKOHAMA MINATO-MACHI


May 2009 "Thornton jidai"(The Thornton-Pickard Age") at Gallery Cosmos

October 2009 "The Pearlette Age" at Gallery Cantelmo, New York


January 2010 "Exhibition of Vintage Prints by Kiyoshi Niiyama" at Gallery Cosmos


March 2010 "Thornton jidai Ⅰ " ("The Thornton-Pickard Age Ⅰ ") Yokohama Exhibition at the Gallery of YOKOHAMA MINATO-MACHI


May 2010 "Thornton jidai Ⅱ "  ("The Thornton-Pickard Age Ⅱ ") at gallery Cosmos


Previous Publications

1969  Posthumous Collection:     Bokuseki no Uta (Poems of Trees and Stones)

2008 Kiyoshi Niiyama's World of Photography: The Pearlette Age 1937~1952


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